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5 Tips on Protecting Colored Hair and Keeping it Looking Great

Dying your hair is a fun way to keep your look continuously fresh and new. You can be blonde one month and brunette the next, always staying on top of the trends. 

But maintaining colored hair is a whole story in itself. If you’re someone who loves to frequently dye their hair, it’s important to treat it properly to make sure your hair is protected and looking its best. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips that will have your colored hair healthy and looking fabulous all year round! 

1.    Shampoo Less Frequently 

The one thing all hair dyers know to be true is the more frequently you wash your hair, the sooner your color fades away. So the answer is simple, wash your hair less often. 
In order to retain your natural hair oils, whose job it is to help condition your hair, try to shampoo only two to three times per week. This will help your color last longer and make your hair look as healthy as can be. If you’re grossed out by the thought of not washing your hair every day, just use a color-safe dry shampoo on the in-between days to make your hair look less oily. 

2.    Use the Color Recover in Between Root Touch Ups 

The color recover has a patented applicator Scalp Protector that gives you a fast and effective solution to covering up those pesky grey hairs in between your root touch ups. 

Running to the salon every two weeks can get expensive and time-consuming so the best way to maintain your hair’s uniform color and keep it looking refreshed and revitalized is using the color recover in between your treatments! 

It will not stain you scalp, skin or clothes so use is clean and easy; and the best part is that it will never fade, flake or rub off so you can really stretch the time between your hair appointments. 


3.    Use High Quality Products  

Dying your hair inevitably damages it so the best way to protect colored hair is by making sure to use high quality products on it. 
What you put on your hair will make a difference in the longevity of the color and the long-term health of your hair. It’s best to invest in salon-grade products formulated for colored hair.


4.    Maintain a Healthy Diet 

One area most people tend to overlook when it comes to their hair is the quality of their diet. You may be thinking, “What does that even have to do with my hair?!”, and the answer is---everything! 
What you put in your body is broken down into the nutrients needed to maintain and fuel healthy hair. The healthier your diet, the better your hair will look. 
Iron-rich protein feeds your scalp and hair by building strong keratin, the protein that strengthens hair, improves texture and stimulates growth. Eating lean meats, fishes, low-fat cheeses, egg whites, spinach and soy will keep your color-treated hair looking its best! 

5. Avoid Heat Styling As Much As Possible

Dyed hair is more susceptible to damage, so the more you avoid using blow dryers, curling irons or straightening iron, the better it will look. Whenever you can, let your hair dry naturally. If you absolutely must use a heat styling product, do so only after applying a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner and heat-protecting styling product. If you must blow dry your colored hair, keep it on the lowest heat setting.