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Hair Color
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Tips for You

To find out the overall thickness of your hair:

  • Look into the mirror and take a section of hair at the side of your head. Now look at the scalp around it. 

  • If you cannot see your scalp, you have thick hair.

  • If what you see is somewhere in the middle, you have normal hair.





How to find the right brush for your type of hair:

Finding the right brush for your hair is easy - all you need is to know if you have fine, normal or thick hair. How fine or thick your hair is, relates to the thickness of a single hair as well as the total amount of hair.

To find out the thickness of a single hair:
Take a single hair between your fingers. 

  • If you don’t feel it, you have fine hair. 
  • If you can feel the single hair, you have normal hair.
  • If can feel the single hair is strong and coarse, you have thick hair.